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The Project

The Louisiana Teen Vax Campaign’s Youth Ambassador Program (YAP) promotes the important role young people have in stopping the spread of COVID-19 and keeping their friends and family members from getting sick. The program will provide youth with the facts and benefits of getting the shot, clear up myths, and provide participants with opportunities to inspire and engage their peers with positive messages.

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This statewide campaign is for all youth, ages 12-17 regardless of their current vaccination status. Anyone who is interested can join the movement by applying as an individual, forming a new group/team, or by applying through an existing youth group, sports group, team or club.


As a member of the Louisiana Teen Vax Campaign, those who join will:


  • Meet monthly with public health professionals and marketing experts

  • Provide key feedback on all aspects of the campaign, including the swag, logo, website and messaging

  • Create and develop their own vaccine social media posts and infographics

  • Learn about benefits of getting the shot

  • Conduct trainings and events to educate and rally other youth in their community

  • Serve as statewide ambassadors for COVID-19 vaccinations

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